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Apr 24, 2014

The Faultless Nike Roshe Run's

I’m at a stage where I resonate well enough with everything Nike sets as of late, I mean who hasn’t been raving around about their latest sneaker collections. The standard that Nike has kept over the years is always incredibly well thought as well as how they make a definite collection easy enough to grab the customer’s attention, how they reinvent themselves and stay up to date with the latest global trends are one of the million reasons that make me a true supporter of this magnificent brand. Drooling away from the unending love I have for Nike[’ys], And swerving on to the greatness that Nike has granted us supporters, to wear their apparel in a more casual way rather than what many people would object and wear their apparel in a more sporty way. They have made it comfortable for fashion enthused individuals like myself to pair their supposedly “sporty” shoes in a more casual way that fits the individuals personality and taste.

My preferred choice recently are Nike Roshe Runs (Specifically the black ones with a white Phylon midsole and a white Nike tick) I have seen quite a lot of ways how one can incorporate these shoes on to their daily outfits. The simplicity makes it easier for you to pair it with your joggers or jeans for instance, I love the fact that it has no embellishments and epitomises simplicity and cleanliness with basic shoe necessities brought to life with every detail. Besides the appearance, the sneaker also has some great benefits. Its versatility makes it optional for you to wear the shoes with or without socks, dressed up or down for walking or just taking it easy. The full mesh upper is excellent for breathability, preventing what happens the most to people considering how their feet get squeezed and how the shoe their wearing lacks breathing space for the feet. This right here conquers all those complications.

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