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Apr 11, 2014

Neutral Colours for Winter!

The other exciting thing about winter are neutral colours, you sometimes get to a point where you want to tone things down a bit because there’s quite a lot of hype when it comes to wearing bold ‘in your face’ colours well the first step of losing that typicality is to wear neutral colours, like beige, nude, white, camel and brown. These colours just scream winter because of their warmth and how they look without having any bold factor whatsoever, so they are perfect for winter considering that the cold season is right on our doorstep, maybe it is already. Winter is a season to keep warm and having surrounding pieces like coats, fur, biker jackets and lace dresses you basically are already buckled for winter. So to make things easier for you ladies I curated three different style looks on how to achieve the style of wearing nude-coloured pieces, I broke this styling session into three complete days mainly because I want to show you through a capsule of images how you can rock this look flawlessly. So I’ve gathered One, for work so you can expect formal wear here, Secondly, casual wear you can enjoy a brunch with friends with this look or just go out for coffee with a loved one and finally Three, a night out look perfect for going all out with your girls and you can add a bit of bold lip colour since everything you wearing is neutral. I hope I gave you an insight on how to wear neutral colours!

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