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Apr 19, 2014

Denim Apparrell for Winter!

#Weekend outfit idea, guys, #denim shirt is a must - have!

Denim has been around, and it is one of the most coveted fashion pieces that everyone should have on their closets, And with winter all up on our grillz (Literally, I dont have grillz, I wish I had.) its time to gear up for this cold season. Denim is imperative for any fashion enthused individual because you find that you want something that's either ripped or has two tone colours which we call ombre, something that adds a bit of edge to your dry dull wardrobe and denim plays that role especially if you have the perfect denim that you feel comfortable in. So here I present to you outfits to try this winter featuring this fashionable piece that never ceases to run out!

Beautiful play on fabrics.

Denim shirt, scarf. You could pair this with a rugged pair of duck canvas pants or a great pair of sand colored denim for a great spring look

Mens Fashion.. Forget what you've heard, socks matter! Invest in coordinating boxer briefs (they slim you and give a smooth surface) and nice socks!

pale indigo shirt, white tee tunisian collar, brown belt, dark jeans / men fashion

White shirt, grey cardigan, black blazer worn over blue denim, smart style for men, glasses add a cute geeky look :)

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