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Apr 27, 2014

Style Babe: Rihanna for Vogue Brazil May Issue 2014

Whenever I post anything with regards to Rihanna, I literally perceive her navy clapping and shouting for her (pseudo-imagination). Seriously Rihanna has earned her credibility to a point where you cannot sit still but gasp at her attractive presence onto music videos, red carpet events, editorials and magazine covers. She’s the realest epitome of sexy and has girls aspiring to be every tiny bit that she is – And I don’t blame her, whatever she’s using I commend her on that. The May issue of Vogue Brazil celebrates their 39th anniversary and they couldn’t have done this without having Bad Girl RiRi onto the cover. Vogue is smart don’t ya’ll think? They really made sure that they feature a megastar and influencer who will definitely sell out these two cove rs just as they did by having KIMYE grace their previous Vogue US cover. On the newsstands cover Rihanna went for a cropped, wet hairstyle with almost natural make-up and she’s showing some skin as always (Are you still surprised?) and has the perfect fierce gazes that only she can master.

Photographer: Mariano Vivanco
Styling: Yasmine Strerea brazil
Location: Brazil

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