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Apr 6, 2014

Ephymol SS14 - SAFW

Ephymol has been a household name when it comes to menswear here in South Africa, showcasing since 2002 at SA Fashion Week, this year’s showcase was no different, the same aesthetic that Ephymol has kept over the years of elegance and class was still featured in the entire collection. I’m always on the line to see the growth and development of menswear and fashion designers and what each of them bring to the fashion industry. The past few years menswear was not that popular as much as it is now but through mediums like MBFW and SAFW it has evolved and will keep on evolving.

Ephymol’s SS14 collection was all about a fashion-exploring man, a bold man draped in Ephy prints whilst still maintain the standard of looking classy and elegant at the same time. The main focus was the prints, the retro assurance as well as the luxurious fabrics. Whilst the 50s and the 70s era being the backdrop inspiration of this collection, the pieces are beautifully curated, understated and speak volumes. Words can never be enough to tell how beautiful something is, Thanks to Jerri Mokgofe for the images.

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