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Keaux is a Fashion, Trends and Lifestyle blog of a 18 year old Khanya Ngxabani who's passionately driven with all things fashion, travel and technology. The blog aims to inspire young women, clueless dudes and teenagers to explore the ever-evolving fashion trends and delves through my own personal innate style where I briefly interact through features, articles, How To, trend reporting and many more.

With studies and life's moments under our nose, this blog became an escape where i express myself creatively with the major love I have for fashion and writing. It has become some sort of a portal where writing becomes more of like a daily session in a time where essays and assignments are increasingly overloading. I'm only 18 years of age and I've admired all different kinds of media work from fashion to all things related with Pop-Culture and the latest gadgets. And with Keaux on the cards, I'm able to share and gravitate more with all the things that interest me and in line with my blog. I have a huge obsession with people who are different and versatile in the way that they dress they inspire me and help me reconsider my own fashion sense. With everyone choosing their own styles and tastes, this brings a very fun element to the industry because we're not only doing the very same thing but learning and pinpointing from others different styles. Fashion, Trends, Travel and Technology inspire in some way or another. Join me as I share my journey with you and how I incorporate fashion into my daily adventures.


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