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Apr 25, 2014

Augustine Autumn/Winter Collection 2014

It’s a pretty difficult task probing for great winter pieces with the intent of spotting something you really admire or an item that resuscitates a feeling you get right after putting on that summer clothing piece, which instantly activates your confidence on to a wildly exorbitant place that only you know of. We try hard as much, I know no one ever says this but we do or maybe it is because of my naturally skinny body that I was once proud of now annoyed at? For the first time ever, after contemplating Augustine’s latest autumn/winter collection on Facebook that also showcased at Mbfwj to add on, really changed the way how I view men’s fashion in winter, It really gave off that summery-excitement joint feeling the extreme, risky and edgy way of dressing was the main threshold of this collection. And you really can’t blame the assortment of these wintry fashion pieces when you have two cool ladies Marea Lewis and Justine August who faultlessly serve us with great menswear fashion trends all round.
 Situated in Parkhurst, Johannesburg where all the magic works happen, this fashion enthused duo keeps the same vision that it always had of detail, the fabric and excellent tailoring and this comes up often on to their latest collection, with a culmination of three main genres that played a mandatory role on to their complete collection, displayed all that Augustine is all about through a selection of great photographic images. I salute the team on yet again a dope collection!

Model: Amello Frank
Photographer: Peter Vosloo
Location: Yeoville, Johannesburg

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