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Apr 4, 2014

Fashion || Fashion & Art Pop Collision!

Fashion can be interpreted in various ways, whereas art can be a form of expressing oneself creatively through a sketch, portrait, painting, cartoon etc. These two facets are synonymous and amalgamate very well together in a way where renowned designers actually consider the mutuality of integrating both fashion and art pop onto their designs. Have you ever heard of fashion being referred to as wearable art? Well due to popular belief, certain designers and fashion houses have literally acted upon this phrase by creating and incorporating the most winsome and picturesque art that has lived on over the years through their plethora of coveted and sought-after creations.  Anything that has to do with thinking out of the box and introducing something new that we all didn’t see coming excites me enough to write a post on it.

ART has served as a canvas for designers; establishing them to create and act as artists and produce their fine art spin using painterly prints, patterns and symbolism; without forgetting brushstrokes in order for them to present real works of art come to life on the runway. The reminiscent backdrop of art plays way more than just using up ancient writings and paintings of larger than life individuals like Leonardo Da Vinci for example, without any quarrels they too produced artistry work; they’ve created a life of their own. But haven’t we created artsy work as well? Nothing appeals to me more beautifully and relatable than this generation’s creativity that we visualize from people on a day-to-day basis through forms of music, the way people dress and graffiti paintings, the inspiration that hits you at that very moment is undeniably  irreplaceable.

Through so many ways of fusing street murals, abstract elements, sketchbook drawings and gangsta graffiti images, Fashion designers have transposed these types of materials on to their stunning garments; dresses, coats, tops, bottoms etc. They amazingly add world class illustrations fusing this with their vision for that particular collection, producing work where only models can only play the part of being modern day-walking portraits on the runway. As an avid fashion-enthused website’s and blog’s reader I found these beautiful images that I assume are compatible enough to add on and complete what I’m really tryna say.

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