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Apr 11, 2014

Printed Knitwear for Winter

glared:    Pringle of Scotland - London Collection Men SS 13

Okay now, Summer is officially over and if you still not convinced about that, then why has it been so cold in some regions here in South Africa like day after the other and without forgetting the annoying rainy days? Yes, I know it’s hard to believe because really most of us aren’t happy waking up every morning to a cold breeze that leaves us with fever and pale skin when heading to work, university or school and then having to disclose ourselves by staying indoors and not really “living”. But honestly winter is not as bad as we describe it to be yes its cold but keeping away from that and discussing the amazing fashion we have for winter, is a more cheerful ( warming, I guess..) conversation to have right now, right?

And printed preferably oversized knitwear for me is one of the amazing fashion trends we have for winter. Prints are diverse and that’s what I love about them it’s just as wearing a piece of art from an inspired printed-pattern portrait, I don’t know if you guys remember my recent post of integrating the mutuality of fashion and art, you can read it right here if you don’t remember. But prints come in many ways through so many elements and even infusing two different prints in one piece and in this case since its winter that piece is knitwear e.g sweaters, coats, cardigans and even blankets. Fashion designers such as Laduma Ngxokolo for Maxhosa knitwear have also used lots of prints for their entire a/w collections. So it’s safe to safe to say that a printed clothing piece is a must have this season when such masses have made it rather comfortable for us to wear something with prints

MAXHOSA BY LADUMA  African Men's fashion & style


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