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Apr 3, 2014

Styling || How about Camel, Nudes & Whites for Winter!

Despite the cold gloomy season, frigid temps, Vitamin D lacking blues and sips of hot chocolate near the fire place that forever keep you indoors. There are quite a lot of things to be happy about this season especially fashion that will get you outside; run errands, take the kids to school (whatever the case maybe) or just to showcase your new beautifully curated wintry outfit. Winter always serves as the greatest benefit of layering up for that extremely cold day, its way more than just fitting all in what you have but the thought that comes with putting an outfit together and making sure that it looks flawlessly well put! Well if that seems to be some sort of a fashion-attack and doesn’t sit well with you, I’ll try my best to be of help and inspire you with my own styling concepts that I find perfect to follow this winter season. But hey, if all fails consult a style expert please!

I’ve gathered three-sets of looks for you ladies incorporating the most trendy colours and winter staples which I believe will never run out of style. And to make things easier I broke this up into three different categories: Formal, Casual and night out looks, mainly because I want to demonstrate through a capsule of pictures how to wear these staples throughout your entire day.

1st Look: Formal (Work Related)
Nudes & Pastels: Look 2

2nd Look: Casual

Nudes & Pastels: Look 4

3rd Look: Night Out!

Nudes & Pastels: Look 3

Here are some of your favorite celebs styled with camels, nude and 

kim kardashian nude outfit

rihanna nude outfit

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