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May 2, 2014

Cameron van der Burgh for Gaschette Magazine.

GaschetteMagazine is undoubtedly one of the best online digital magazines to ever grace South Africa as of current. Since its launch, Gaschette Mag has attracted a horde number of individuals who are interested in the distinctiveness of each publication, the editorial work that overwhelms me each time, the snappy and clever titles and the catchy content are just one of the many reasons why I remain a stan for this Magazine. It’s seldom to find a local magazine that can go over the top and play around with fashion elements just as these guys do, their evocative photography topped with immaculacy and coherency are hard to spot onto any other magazine locally.

So after creating my Behance account last night, I came across Steve Marais account and with my knowledge I knew that this dude was involved somehow with Gaschette magazine, I then found myself on to his activities, a capsule of hot, striking photography, sexy models in artful positions, A different world – I couldn’t stop gasping at their noteworthy work that needs to be commended on. Cameron van der Burgh’s last month’s cover still is my favourite, who knew that an Olympian swimmer like him could pull off such poses – can someone get him a modelling agency! This dude’s latent talent (a bit of anagram there, latent-talent) is about to be revealed.

Image courtesy: Gaschette Magazine

Normcore: Where blending in is the new standing out!

While we all strive to be different and perfect at our own crafts, an emerging trend in the fashion world has sufficed through causing a huge degrade from fashion enthusiasts who have felt rather comfortable with living up to the ‘supreme standard’ of being incompatible and audacious from the rest. Normcore brings forth a contrasting feel, instead of standing out this particular trend encompasses the desire to rather keep things easy, understated and fit in with rest of the humans – their ordinary selves, lives and since we talking fashion their style as well. So you might be wondering is that it? Is the media really going nuts over a trend that has always been around, I mean I’m a ‘normcorist’ myself as I’m this writing this post with my torn jeans a basic white t-shirt and beanie on, mind you all these items are considered to be normcore.

As entertaining as this may seem it’s not all fun and games, the fashion industry is still battling to come to terms with the new trend and how it requires you to fit in with the rest of the normal kids, which I do not understand because the normcore trend is life itself, it’s what you look like when lounging around, you don’t look appealing and on-trend all the time. The same clothing that has been disregarded as everyday or unremarkable has been touched by fashion’s stardust. As always we have daring brothers and sisters who would do anything to stay on trend and be recognized by fashion masses. Individuals who have snapped out of the modernity of looking supreme and ridiculously beautiful to a zone where they have recalled back to the 90’s and 80’s way of dressing.

And man they’re doing it so well dressing with khakis, denim dungarees, black polo necks, polo shirts, ripped jeans, birkenstocks swiftly takes me back to the noteworthy memories; when I was a kid running around with no clue whatsoever that what I was wearing back then would become one of the world’s most talked about way of dressing. Fashion by its very nature is a peacock of an industry – it is bright, bold, extrovert and likes to show off. Thanks to normcore for finally recognizing the rebels that take a different approach to this, those that avoid anything with clashing prints, weird shades and artful poses but feel rather comfortable in something that is – err well there’s no other way to put this – boring. Thank you!

Welcome to 2014 folks, where blending is the new standing – where dressing like a tourist could quickly place you on a best dressed list and an ultimate style icon.

Apr 30, 2014

Wrangler's New 'Greensboro' Fit!

Wrangler is proud to introduce a signature fit from their 2014 Winter range – the Greensboro fit. Named after their spiritual home Greensboro, a city in the U.S. state of North Carolina, the fit marks the direction of the brand and the new “Standard” – ensuring a key fit for the quality and casual style.
The fit is regular in the rise, with a higher back than front to offer a comfortable yet modern look and feel. Through the thigh, the fit is regular for comfort and a trim look. Key to the Greensboro’s look is a slight taper from the knee to the bottom hem – giving the impression of a slimmer leg, for a modern standard fit.

The Wrangler new fit Greensboro is available at Stuttafords Stores.

For more on Wrangler:

Apr 29, 2014

GQ X Craig Port Editorial!


My favorite men's magazine have joined forces with Craig Port for an overwhelming editorial that I so admire, An ultra stylish editorial shot by Byron Keulemans of Boss and Vision Models and with creative direction by Arthur Malan-Murison. All images by GQ Magzine

Byron x Craig Port F2Byron X Craig POrt - F3Byron x Craig Port - F4Byron X Craig Port - F5

Apr 27, 2014

Style Babe: Rihanna for Vogue Brazil May Issue 2014

Whenever I post anything with regards to Rihanna, I literally perceive her navy clapping and shouting for her (pseudo-imagination). Seriously Rihanna has earned her credibility to a point where you cannot sit still but gasp at her attractive presence onto music videos, red carpet events, editorials and magazine covers. She’s the realest epitome of sexy and has girls aspiring to be every tiny bit that she is – And I don’t blame her, whatever she’s using I commend her on that. The May issue of Vogue Brazil celebrates their 39th anniversary and they couldn’t have done this without having Bad Girl RiRi onto the cover. Vogue is smart don’t ya’ll think? They really made sure that they feature a megastar and influencer who will definitely sell out these two cove rs just as they did by having KIMYE grace their previous Vogue US cover. On the newsstands cover Rihanna went for a cropped, wet hairstyle with almost natural make-up and she’s showing some skin as always (Are you still surprised?) and has the perfect fierce gazes that only she can master.

Photographer: Mariano Vivanco
Styling: Yasmine Strerea brazil
Location: Brazil

Apr 25, 2014

Augustine Autumn/Winter Collection 2014

It’s a pretty difficult task probing for great winter pieces with the intent of spotting something you really admire or an item that resuscitates a feeling you get right after putting on that summer clothing piece, which instantly activates your confidence on to a wildly exorbitant place that only you know of. We try hard as much, I know no one ever says this but we do or maybe it is because of my naturally skinny body that I was once proud of now annoyed at? For the first time ever, after contemplating Augustine’s latest autumn/winter collection on Facebook that also showcased at Mbfwj to add on, really changed the way how I view men’s fashion in winter, It really gave off that summery-excitement joint feeling the extreme, risky and edgy way of dressing was the main threshold of this collection. And you really can’t blame the assortment of these wintry fashion pieces when you have two cool ladies Marea Lewis and Justine August who faultlessly serve us with great menswear fashion trends all round.
 Situated in Parkhurst, Johannesburg where all the magic works happen, this fashion enthused duo keeps the same vision that it always had of detail, the fabric and excellent tailoring and this comes up often on to their latest collection, with a culmination of three main genres that played a mandatory role on to their complete collection, displayed all that Augustine is all about through a selection of great photographic images. I salute the team on yet again a dope collection!

Model: Amello Frank
Photographer: Peter Vosloo
Location: Yeoville, Johannesburg

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