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Apr 23, 2014

Decor: Skinny laMinx x Robin Sprong!

If you have been following my blog since its earliest inception, you will know very well that picturesque apartments, décor objects and wallpapers are admired by this ninja wholeheartedly. Art and creativity can literally be referred to as medication by just the feeling that comes with completing an art piece and having something you never imagined sprouting out and speaking to you in a very meaningful way just instantly places you into a love gaze where only you and the masterpiece on hand share feelings with what you have created or what the other artist has created. Art speaks personality and the emotions at different volumes you might find that what I love and envision big might not resonate well with you, and it’s that one artsy piece that fills you up with inspiration and perception towards everything around you.

And with the incredible interior that Skinny laMinx created with local wallpaper company Robin Sprong is the exact feeling I experienced, when I first laid my eyes on to these images, the alignments, the colour combination, the tribal and classic prints smeared on to the wallpapers are all aspects I find inspiring and a pleasure to look at. These two design teams have joined forces for a great collaboration, a collaboration that has drawn colour palettes of white, grey, pink and mint with touches of beechwood. They have fused these colour palettes into strong, bold designs displaying ageless character. Which makes it a lot easier as the simplicity allows everyone to spruce up their own home a bit.

Skinny laMinx wallpaper - Bowls in persimmon





Image Courtesy: Skinny laMinx

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