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Mar 17, 2014

Fashion || Winter Menswear Fashion Trends!

Well if you thought I'd get away without posting about menswear trends, you figured it out all wrong. Menswear is very dear to my heart and I often have to face incredible urges of posting about menswear, But what I find is that there's not much to post about when it comes to menswear, and when posting about menswear nigga's aren't really interested on the latest trends, They just want a fashion piece for its value and how it fits into their lifestyle regime. My aim is to inspire guys to have a different perspective when it come to clothing and investing on to a few cool winter, summer or spring fashion staples for that matter. I mean there are stylish guys out there - that I even know of, BUT there's still a minority of those nigga's who dress exceptionally well and are always on point. MINOR aint better than MAJOR, right?

Invest on Raglan Raincoats
It doesn't have to be the exact coat, but if you have a cool one as awesome as this, then that's perfectly fine.

Black and White -
 Monochrome is still is one of my favorite trends, I feel like its one of those trends who will forever remain relevant, mainly because we all have one or two black and white pieces, besides that Monochrome is minimalistic and works well when you want to pull of that formal wear look.

Orange Is The New BLACK:
 Bold colors make long-lasting impressions, therefore nothing beats having to stand out on to a fashion crowd.

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