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Mar 29, 2014

Fashion || Wear Your Air!

Air Max Day has come and go, and here I am still gravitating towards the best  sneaker  to ever launch. Air Max sneakers have always been a coveted sneaker to fully own at least someday please take emphasis on the word “fully” because it actually got to a point where I wore a friends pair more often than I shouldn’t have ..  I’m a huge supporter of Nike, they’re honestly a pair that everyone should own. The functionality, the comfort, high performance and the epic swag to add on never ceases to amaze me! I watched a video the other day on YouTube with regards to the A.M sneakers about how comfortable and how suitable these sneakers are for any occasion whether you going to gym or wearing them with your casual wear they still give off that sportswear polished look. This video increased that burning desire for me to beg my mom much more to buy me some Air Max!

Well, keeping away from the acquisitiveness that I strongly have for Nike Air Max sneakers, On the 26th of March marked the official 27th anniversary. Sneaker-heads, bloggers and general Nike supporters like myself took to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #wearyourair in support of the “Wear your air” celebration campaign. My favourite amongst the variety of these sneakers is the Nike Air 90 boot in all black – This sneaker literally drives me nuts! Especially the colour, Such beauty!  The Air max 90 Sneakerboot  is described to be a statement of style and performance re-imagined for everyday living. Its quintessential comfort grants you the fit for an urban pace and is made for all global tastes. The all black with the oreo-like speckle on the white midsole makes this sneaker the best reinterpretation since there’s been quite a lot of Air max remixes. While the other colourways have dropped already this one gets an instant nod from me!  Too dope! 

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