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Mar 9, 2014


Writing this post right now feels so amazingly good because this is one of those fashion pieces that I really really love. Seriously, I’m always wearing JOGGERS I treat them as jeans, I’ve got so many of them and they have become a go-to  fashion piece that I wear whenever I’m clueless as to what to wear on that particular day. But Joggers are way more than just an alternative solution for me, they are way more special and fit with half of the clothes and shoes that I own and as well as my taste in style.

The Jogger Trend has been sneaking up on us for a while now but seems to have gathered so much attention from fashion critics and lovers, of which I still don’t understand why people have the wit of criticizing such beautiful pants but that’s their own problem they have to deal with. There are a lot of new joggers released and introduced to us, in a variety of colors and cuts. The whole perception of joggers being as an association of wearing them around the house or wearing them when going to gym – specifically lifting weights has changed we have become very comfortable wearing them with our sneakers and graphic t-shirts. We all want to be different, and wearing them this way really can disassociate yourself from the rest of the fashion crowd.

Some of us still have that vague perception as to how you can wear your own joggers, you might be thinking that you should wear them with your favorite high top sneakers or graphic tees as I said earlier, but you can also wear them with a polo shirt, scarfs, boots or even blazers for that matter since winter is slightly approaching. You can really pull of a smart casual look with the right amount of surrounding pieces with your jogger.

MR PRICE has the most dope joggers for winter, available in a variety of colors and prints. I’m thinking of investing on some of the ones that I have seen, I’m already eyeing out fashion pieces for winter , just to get myself ready for the South African cold weather we all know how it feels.

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