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Mar 28, 2014

Fashion || Adidas Orignals x The Farm Comapany!

Adidas Originals has a way of maintaining a standard of producing phenomenal fashion with phenomenal brands. Such artistry and word class acclaim amalgamates into a flawlessly created collection. I just love how distinct Adidas is when it comes to working with other fashion labels, what they put in, on creating stunning fashion pieces  in connection with the partnering brand really is what they get out. And I couldn’t have summed this up better than presenting to you a new collaboration: ADIDAS ORIGNALS X THE FARM COMPANY.

 Yes, to be deadly honest I really had no idea whatsoever what Farm is in this collab and how they got to partner with Adidas Originals in the first place. But after much needed googling and research The Farm Company is actually a Brazilian label. An international creative agency based in South America. The collaboration was actually created to celebrate the upcoming FIFA Soccer World Cup with a collection that’s fueling with bold colourful, juicy and eye popping prints, basically the signature style of The Farm Company.

I really admire the understated prints and graphics in this collection - fusion of sportswear and colour. It all comes and mixes well altogether so perfectly, but really, isn’t this what we should all expect when two powerhouse brands such as these come together as one?  Adidas Originals and The Farm Company gelled together their unique styles to create a sportswear masterpiece that I for one absolutely love It’s incredibly well put together from its design aspects to launch!








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