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Mar 25, 2014

Fashion Week || Laduma Ngxokolo - MaXhosa Knitwear #MBFWJ

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week (Johannesburg) has come and go,  and we have seen every trend and every designers perspective through their collections for A/W trends and how these should be articulated. What I admired wholeheartedly so at this year’s MBFWJ was the impeccable precision when it came to detail, The patterns, fabric, textures, the ambiance and just the general feel  on how the show pans out.  And one designer who fitted all this in was  Laduma Ngxokolo for his Xhosa patterned brand:  MaXhosa Knitwear. The splendor and spark of this collection certainly left a mark on South African fashion, specifically on the menswear side of things.  It’s quite evident that Ngxokolo’s collection were top-noch due to the positive feedback it has received right after its showcase, I for one went nuts when I first had a look at the images on Jerri Mokgofe’s blog .

In his words – “ My jouney into Maxhosa by Laduma knitwear started in 2010 with a thirst to find knitwear design  solutions for amakrwala  (Xhosa initiates)” The vision behind the brand can be encapsulated in a way where Ngxokolo used his love of Xhosa bead work, patterns, symbolism and colours to create suitable Xhosa inspired knitwear for Xhosa initiates..  which has now changed into creating designs admired by people of all cultures and races.

How ironic that I’ve been writing mainly of Xhosa-Inspired work  as of late. I love my culture!


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