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Dec 4, 2013

What I want for 2014...

Since we all excited for the festive season and the upcoming holidays,
I thought I should do a list of the things that I want for 2014. I
feel like doing this settles everything and sort of gives me ways and
different perspectives of how and with what can I obtain those goals
and achievements that I want for next year. Which is the reason why
I'm doing this and I also advise you guys to start pinpointing what
you would like to do for 2014, it always helps.

First of all 2013 was all sorts of great. I did things that I'm proud
of and some things I never imagined myself doing and I've accumulated
so much doing so. My studies which is my main focus have been way to
perfect throughout the year, also started my baby Keaux which I'm
happy for, and I sort of engaged much more with people this year which
is something that I always struggled with growing up. But with 2014 on
our doorstep its a chance to start all over again especially if 2013
wasn't that fulfilling to you, its a chance of starting new things,
new avenues, developments, collaborations, promotions, friendships,
relationships and change. Its also a chance of growing and being
better than what you were the year before which is something I
personally always strive for.

2013 has shown me how strong and courageous I can be at times, this
year taught me quite a lot of things I never new about myself, I
learnt taking matters more realistically, I learnt new positive
attitudes towards work and to people as well, which I believe having
that you can pretty much conquer anything that presents its way to

What I want for 2014:

- Focus solely on my studies.
This is really hard for me.. I think any blogger will tell you how
hard it is juggling work, school and your blog as well. But as I said
my studies are my main focus. As much as I love my blog, certain
sacrifices have to be done.

- Post consistently on my blog.
As much as I'll be much more hands on with my studies next year, One
thing I want is to be consistent with the way I post on my blog. I
always make sure that my readers have something new and fresh to read
whenever they pop in for a few minutes on my blog.

- Do something new.
Sometimes I think we always driven and busy that we don't treat
ourselves with partaking in something completely different, I mean
there's a vast number of things you can do eg. Learning a new
language, doing donations for certain organisations and NGO's or do
public speaking with the knowledge that I have.

- Surround myself with people that care for me.
This is the most imperative point for me. As they say your
surroundings are important. If you surround yourselves with things or
people that inspire you to dream bigger, to think bigger and to also
inspire others with your work you definitely on the road of success.

- An iPhone 5s

- And lastly I want an IPHONE 5S (Chuckles) .. I absolutely love this
phone. And with all the achievements I've done this year my parents
have to get me one. It really is a good phone to do all the blogging
and socializing in all these numerous platforms which is something I'm
always on. I'd really love to get one. So if you MAYBE are willing to
get me one, let's talk. (Chuckles)

I hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed this post.. I know I don't normally
do such posts, but I felt like doing something NEW for a change. I'd
really love to hear from you what you thought of it and what you
thinking of doing for next year. There's lots of things you can do and
I know my points can be different from your ones. So if you have
something to share.. I'd really love hearing from you. Thanks. Khanya.

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