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Dec 11, 2013

Torn Jeans || Style Inspiration for the Ladies

Torn jeans are fast becoming one of the dominant fashion trends in the whole apparel culture. We've shifted away from the mindsets: where torn jeans were considered a no no and brought a lot of negativity about the way you dressed or your lifestyle.
Clothes can tell a stranger a lot about you. But the 21st century introduces us to new trends whether in fashion or in other spheres and awesome technology, we are exposed on to new things and the ancient way of life is recycled into the modern way of living. Torn jeans look absolutely amazing, they have a different feel about them, they make you look and feel like a real G (if ya know what im talkin' about). I like how they fit with anything as long as its not formal. They are easy to pull off: with your grunge t-shirts and punk accessories without a doubt you've pulled it off perfectly.

torn jeans

Seriously Torn Skinny Jeans in Light Blue

torn jeans comfy top beachy hair...yes!

torn jeans are forever #charms #gold #knitwear

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