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Nov 24, 2013

Zara Menswear Summer LookBook SS13

Zara has released a new summer/spring 2013 collection.. I have no idea
what took me so long to post about this, but anyway this menswear
collection incorporates finer materials to create a range of summer
tailoring with a strong sense of luxury.

I love how Zara accentuates with leather accessories and pairs fringed
bluchers.. That make an instant statement through out the collection.
Its classic, summery, timeless and aesthetic.

Zara is definitely a trendsetter, I like how the modern fashion trends
are introduced through out the collection, mainly the trends that are
in now.. Like monochrome (my favourite) and a vast number of prints as
well. Its a very fun trend yet still doesn't loose its emphasis of
class and of high definition with its impeccable tailoring.

Images : ZARA

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