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Nov 24, 2013

Get the LOOK! Blue as the new Black

A little bit of colour never hurts.. In fact the colour blue changes
that. Its a fashion trend that everyone is talking about. I'm
interested in all these colours this spring/summer, they just remind
me summer is in and we have to embrace that as much as we can..
regardless of the cold weather in some places here in South Africa.
The colour blue is agreed to be the new black actually .."midnight
blue" is rumoured to be the new black.. Which I full on agree! But
there's also different and lighter shades of blue that I will strongly
emphasise on.

Adding blue to my outfit with genuine accessories.. That's fine by
me.. But wearing denim's all the time and reckoning that I've nailed
the trend aint fine. A bit of imagination never hurts.. Go crazy with
blue printed tees, shirts, shorts, hats, beanies and sneakers with
linings of blue here and there. Make it fun and go wild with the
trend.. I love going all crazy with these trends.. Of which some are
meant to be formal and all classic. I try breaking the rules to suit
my own taste and style.

It seems like the fashion runway agrees with me.. The colour blue has
been featured countless times and the designers have twitched a lil
bit and added corresponding colours to make the trend look more
appealing and summery, there's even prints that are on trend that you
can throw on to your look.. E.g florals and camouflage.. the whole
idea is to add a mix and match of colours and patterns.. Without
loosing the whole aesthetic of the colour blue.

I hope this was helpful to our fashionista gents.. Keep it bold..
fashionable and effortless. I promise doing that.. Your look will be
way to awesome for anyone's liking.

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