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Nov 21, 2013

Anisa Mpungwe's collaboration with Mr Price

Mr Price never ceases to fail when it comes to the coolest
collaborations. Anisa Mpungwe a Tanzanian-born designer for a renowned
brand Loin Cloth & Ashes has joined forces with Mr Price to produce a
banger of designer clothing. With social media and other bloggers
still on about it, I thought I could use some time to do a post on this
awesome collaboration.

Anisa's collection is just perfect for those whimsical summer days,
the combination and the mix of colours which include yellow, white and
black become a statement in this collection. Just as Anisa does it
with Loin Cloth & Ashes, she couldn't have left out the prints and
patterns, actually there is also a tee with an illustration of the
designers portrait.

This bold collection draws inspiration from street style on the late
80's and also from the twenties. It has sporty details here and there
and colour blocking also finds its way into this collection. Zipper
Jackets, Jacquard shorts and pleather skirts and sleeved scuba
tops.... LADIES?! What more do ya'll want!?

This collection is available shop the rest of the clothing here and
other selected Mr Price stores.

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