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Nov 22, 2013

The Reason why I Love Monochrome..

One of the trends that is seriously hitting the market so hard
nowadays is the Monochrome trend. Now I know we've heard so much about
this trend I'm sure some of ya'll are bored of it now.. But
regardless, I absolutely love it you can also tell by the background
of my blog that the whole black and white theme really does appeal to
me the most.

Everyone has black and white items.. Even my 3 year old baby sister
has black and white items (chuckles). But you might feel that you need
to upgrade to rock this trend perfectly.. I mean that's not bad but
you don't have to. Just look through your wardrobe and I assure you
will find one or two monochrome items.

The reason why I love it so much is that its classic, timeless and
very simple even the fashion industry disregards it as that ultimate
fashion trend because its just so easy to pull of. Its a sophisticated
and smart trend that only needs accessories to make you your look come
alive and look tasty and edgy.

I decided to share this because it really is a trend that everyone
should have, its an easy one to work with and trend that can
definitely turn heads if worn successfully.

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