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May 2, 2014

Cameron van der Burgh for Gaschette Magazine.

GaschetteMagazine is undoubtedly one of the best online digital magazines to ever grace South Africa as of current. Since its launch, Gaschette Mag has attracted a horde number of individuals who are interested in the distinctiveness of each publication, the editorial work that overwhelms me each time, the snappy and clever titles and the catchy content are just one of the many reasons why I remain a stan for this Magazine. It’s seldom to find a local magazine that can go over the top and play around with fashion elements just as these guys do, their evocative photography topped with immaculacy and coherency are hard to spot onto any other magazine locally.

So after creating my Behance account last night, I came across Steve Marais account and with my knowledge I knew that this dude was involved somehow with Gaschette magazine, I then found myself on to his activities, a capsule of hot, striking photography, sexy models in artful positions, A different world – I couldn’t stop gasping at their noteworthy work that needs to be commended on. Cameron van der Burgh’s last month’s cover still is my favourite, who knew that an Olympian swimmer like him could pull off such poses – can someone get him a modelling agency! This dude’s latent talent (a bit of anagram there, latent-talent) is about to be revealed.

Image courtesy: Gaschette Magazine

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