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Feb 26, 2014

Fashion || Shoes&Bags as seen at Milan Fashion Week

Accessories aren't just supporting details - As seen at Milan Fashion Week accessories play a huge role on your entire outfit whether its drag shit or very elegant. They are what you need to give your outfit that extra edge and feel. Well its no different at Milan Fashion Week.. bloggers had on megawatt jewels, enormous /beautiful heels and embellished handbags. Its evident that these add-on's are a major part of any outfit.

Street Style Shoes and Bags Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014

Kicking it old school in Adidas.

These mega platforms could really keep you grounded.

White soles to mimic the white of her skirt.

Keeping it color coordinated.

These nude heels aren't exactly understated.

Armed with luxe Chanel add-ons. 
Source: Tim Regas

Anna Dello Russo was lovin' it — her Moschino crossbody bag, that is.

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