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Feb 23, 2014

Fashion || Kendall Jenner walks for Marc Jacobs


Kim Kardashian's little sister Kendall Jenner is taking the fashion industry by storm this beaut recently walked for MARC JACOBS at New York Fashion week. With auburn hair and bleached eyebrows she looked unrecognizable on Marc Jacobs runway.

This is what she had to say: 'I just recently turned 18, so this Marc Jacobs show is my big kick-off to start and grow my career. The New York fashion scene is crazy, madness, but I love the energy. I love everything about it – I love the hair and make-up today, it’s incredible. I’ve never had my eyebrows bleached; I don’t even look like myself! Normally, if I do wear make-up, it’s just foundation and mascara… I’m a little nervous for the show, but I’m really excited. It’s my first runway show, so I’ve been practicing. I feel like everybody has their own individual walk, and that’s what makes someone so special. Maybe I’ll run down the runway!’

Kendall is making a name for herself watch out for her.. I know I definitely will be on the look out for her. 


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